The Project


This Autonomous System number is part of a project with an ambitious list of goals:

It all started after a discussion with Silvan from OpenFactory and the discovery that we could easily run a fiber from my house to infrastructure they run. This was a lucky discovery, as it now allows me to have a BGP speaker directly at home, from which I announce my IPv6 and IPv4 networks.

This has opened a lot of opportunities, and I've started thinking about how this could be interesting and become useful for the whole community.

More in detail, what I aim at doing in the near future is:

Description Status
Set up a L2 to NTT Zurich Done
Set up peering at Swiss-IX Done
Set up peering at CH-IX Done
Set up second L2 to NTT with Done

After all this is done, there will most likely be more.

The infrastructure

I will update this as the infrastructure grows.

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